April 17, 2024
5:00 am EST
Join us for Unity Prayer Hour, hosted by National Unity Weekend and National Day of Prayer, aims to bring people together in prayer and promote unity among individuals, communities and the nation.
May 2, 2024
7:00 am EST
National Day of Prayer The National Day of Prayer exists to mobilize unified public prayer for America. National Unity Weekend has partnered with National Day of Prayer 2024, inviting people to observe the day and pray for the nation locally,...
June 8, 2024
7:00 am EST
Churches, organizations and individuals will demonstrate the Gospel through outreaches across racial and denominational lines to serve the needs of targeted, underserved communities.
June 9, 2024
7:00 am EST
Churches and ministries across the U.S. will simultaneously focus on teaching and preaching a biblical perspective of racial unity
July 9, 2024
1:00 pm EST
Be part of the conversation by participating in our Quarterly Let’s Talk Zoom Calls where Pastors can hear, be heard, and address critical race matters of our day.